Computer And Network Security Incidents

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Purpose Computer and network security incidents have become a fact of life for most organizations that provide networked information technology resources including connectivity with the global Internet. Current methods of dealing with such incidents are at best piecemeal relying on luck, varying working practices, good will and unofficial support from a few individuals normally engaged in central network or systems support. This approach undoubtedly leads to inefficiencies and associated problems with respect to: * • Duplicated effort * • Inappropriate actions * • Poor co-ordination * • Confusion - No obvious authority, identifiable responsibilities or overall management * • Tardy incident detections…show more content…
It is recommended that the new permanent staff posts be assigned to the Computing Service department and based within one of the existing central support teams. Additional central support team resources would be drawn from the following: * Network team - at least 2 members * Central team – at least 2 members Responsibilities The primary responsibilities of the Core team would be to maintain the day to day operation; provide advice, monitor for incident alerts and reports, manage incident investigations and provide follow up analysis and reports to Corporation Techs management committee; in detail the Core team would be responsible for the following support activities: * Provide availability for contact and incident response * Produce an incident classification scheme based on risk assessments for Information Technology resources * Work with Computing Service central support teams to introduce proactive measures for incident avoidance or early incident detection * Monitor external and internal sources for alerts and incident reports * Notify and consult with campus IT support staff, network and systems administrators * Perform
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