Computer And Video Games : Friends Needed

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Computer and Video Games: Friends Needed Video games have existed for much longer than many young people are aware. For example, an individual would need to be over the age of 50 to remember the first time arcade games were available for play in a bowling alley or inside the entertainment building of a miniature golf course. Similarly, an age requirement of 40 would be required for a person to remember the first release of the Atari, which was usually seen at a friend’s home, or to remember the first complex games available on a computer (for example, The Sims). With a history of decades, computer and video games have influenced generations. Although many experts and doctors have argued otherwise, computer and video games usage doesn’t encourage or cause violent behavior; rather, participation in computer/video games encourages positive social interaction and strengthens problem-solving skills. Computer games have taken the blame for many national tragedies, including Columbine and Sandy Hook; however, in the 1970s, rock music was blamed for many violent acts by teenagers, including suicide. Instead of delving into their child’s psychological status or the quality of his/her home life, parents look around for any other reason for their child’s violent behavior that won’t require them to take the blame for the child’s actions. Even the parents of children who weren’t involved exhibit his behavior; the reason could be that it gives comfort for people to think, “My child
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