Computer Application in Banking

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Introduction Today’s world has been changed by the rapid use of ICT. The most important components of this revolutionary change are computer and network system. With the growing development of computer system many new systems have been introduced. Business world has also been improved by this computer and its various applications. There is no sphere of business where the application of computer has not been applied.
In many ways, e-banking is not unlike traditional payment, inquiry, and information processing systems, differing only in that it utilizes a different delivery channel. Any decision to adopt e-banking is normally influenced by a number of factors. These include customer service enhancement and competitive costs,
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Banks see Internet banking as a way to keep existing customers and attract new ones to the bank. National banks can deliver banking services on the Internet at transaction costs far lower than traditional brick-and-mortar branches. The actual costs to execute a transaction will vary depending on the delivery channel used. National banks have significant reasons to develop the technologies that will help them deliver banking products and services by the most cost-effective channels. So overseeing computer and internet’s application in banking we can divide it in two sectors

* Management Purposes * Service Purposes

These sectors are being described below.

Management Purposes Using computer for management purposes means applying computer for banking operations mainly. Banks are one of the busiest business organizations who have to perform faster and efficiently. So there is no alternative of using computer. Management has many sectors where computer has been applied. Description of application of computer in these sectors is given below.
Constant monitoring banking operations
CorePlus offers dynamic, real-time statistical reporting facilities across all channels, account managers, clients, products and branches/profit centers. While the standard reporting facilities in CorePlus includes over 200 comprehensive reports, the open
Design of the system’s relational SQL-compatible database allows a
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