Computer Assisted Coding Software For The Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry has evolved in the technology age from medical devices and advanced surgeries to the implementation of ICD-10 and the electronic health record. Progression is not only inevitable for the healthcare industry but also for society as a whole. This drives the expectation of increased workflow to ensure continuum of care is being met. A major concern that the Health Information Management (HIM) industry facing is the wrongful clinical documentation which contributes to coding errors. This causes rejected claims and inaccurate statistics which can affect a facility’s revenue and morale. With the ICD-10 transition here, there is an expectation of high standards in processing medical records while enduring the massive amount of workload that comes along with thousands of new codes. Fortunately, with technology by our side one can now utilize resources that aid in achieving the status quo and beyond. One of those resources is Computer Assisted Coding software. Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) is “software that scans medical documentation in the electronic health record, identifying technology and suggesting codes for that particular treatment or service” ( The CAC software uses either a natural language processing engine (NLP) or structured input to generate the codes. This NLP “electronically reads narrative text or voice documents and uses computer-based reasoning to identify, analyze and assign the appropriate code” (Getz, Lindsey), where
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