Computer Assisted Education: Computer Assisted Language Learning

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The abbreviation CALL means Computer Assisted Language Learning. Recent years have shown an explosion of interest in using computers for language teaching and learning. The role of computers in language instruction has now become an important issue confronting large numbers of language teachers throughout the World. No doubt, computers make excellent teaching tools and computer technology has also contributed to language teaching and learning. Especially in teaching languages in any aspect, vocabulary, grammar, composition, pronunciation, or other linguistic and pragmatic communicative skills.
In this respect, this paper aims to give information about computer assisted language learning. Firstly, the relationship between technology and language learning will
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In this system, students may find out about his concerns through software on education by using computer. In this type of education, a student may gain from what computer offers to the extent that his skills in computer use allows for. He may have simulations, remote education, internet learning, etc. In today’s computers, there is one way message. And students are limited by what this message offers. Computer is a vital requirement of computer supported learning, computer assisted education, remote learning and internet learning. Some research in this area indicate that computers have positive effect on learning. (Alacapınar,2006;Aksin,2006)
One of the most essential advantages of the expansion of CALL is that language teachers don’t feel bound grammar practise anymore as the main goal of computer use in the language classroom. The current towards communicative teaching with computers is clearly expanding. The vocabulary software can contextualize and incorporate graphics, audio recording and playback and video. More developed error checking can cater for students real help in the feedback they

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