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There are numerous benefits of computer-assisted testing. They can enhance test administration, scoring, interpretation, and integration. Test administration and scoring may be enhanced due to the standardization that is built in to computers. Another benefit is that each test taker receives the same presentation of test items and response sets. The availability of computerized testing devices allows people with a disabilities to complete tests with minimal assistance. This allows the test results to be more valid since there is less enteraction between takers and givers. Test scoring can also be simplified and enhanced due to reduced computational errors.
Test interpretation may be enhanced by providing the counselor with an expanded
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The computer can be used to deliver both text-based and interactive video-based instruction (Sampson, 1990a).
Computer-assisted testing can limit, as well as enhance, test administration and interpretation. Although paper-and-pencil and computer administration of tests often produce equivalent results, variations in results have sometimes been found to exist. French (1986) recommended that the equivalency of results from different types of administration modes needs to be established for each instrument. Establishing equivalency will reduce the likelihood that computer administration is influencing the nature of test results. Scoring errors represent another potential limitation for computer-assisted test administration. Most (1987) noted that, "The computer itself does not contribute error, but the complex nature of computer programming and the difficulty involved in reading computer programs or code makes it easy to make program errors which are difficult to find" (p. 377).
Concerns have been raised about the validity of computer-based test interpretation. Eyde and Kowal (1987) found differences in CBTI reports generated from a single set of scores from one instrument. Differences also were noted in their study between the CBTI reports and the
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