Computer Attacks And Its Impact On The Security

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Introduction With the rising evolution of businesses, the evolution of business and institution data security has also evolved exceptionally. Various data security methods have been devised to ensure that vulnerability is mitigated but at the same time cyber criminals such as hackers have also evolved their data hacking methods as they look for the least weaknesses in a company and exploit it. The essay looks into various trends that have emerged in ensuring that data is safe by institution, the most vulnerable spots for various companies have been looked into too. When it comes to security of mobile devices and wireless networks, their security perspectives have been looked into in addition to the way the existing companies are protecting themselves from computer attacks. Trends in Security Network There has been developed even more severe and dynamic viruses that are used to hack various institution. A very good example is that of the Stuxnet virus believed to have been penetrated to the Iranian institutions by an adversary (unsubstantially claimed to be Israel or U.S.A) that is able to penetrate various Iranian systems and control their nuclear reactors, destroy oil pipelines and so on. The Iranian government has not been able to counter this virus as it is extensively dynamic and utilizes system weakness points or holes known as zero days. It has been used to shut more than a thousand of their systems and thus the need for them to redesign their security system and
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