Computer Automation And Its Effect On The Information Age

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1. With the availability of mainframe computers in the 1960s, commercial enterprises moved into the information age. What was the result of this move to computer automation?
In 1960s, integrated circuits were developed which pushed the trend of using computers and laid down the building blocks for using self governing systems (Groover). The use of computers by commercial enterprises resulted in a variety of ways. Companies were able to operate on large scale there by availing the advantages of economies of scale. Large amount of data handling and processing, production and operation was started to be done by computers. The use of computers not only enabled the companies to automate operations but also they were able to exercise more effective control systems. A survey conducted by the Mc GrawHill Company in 1963 showed that 21000 out of 32000 manufacturing companies were using some automatic control and data handling systems (Encyclopaedia). Human error was reduced since computers were able to perform complicated data processing with efficiency and accuracy. At that time it also created a gap between large and small organization as the computers were costly and required huge investments and small businesses could not afford to install them. In your opinion how could this change affect the life of a common man?
2. What did companies in the 1960s forecast the future to be like after computer automation was fully implemented?
The use of computers was first spread out in US
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