Computer Based Learning

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ABSTRACT Learning is a process that is influenced significantly by the combination and interactions of three main areas of influence: agent, activity and world. A number of writers have used other descriptions for these influencing factors. In the succeeding discussion of computer-based learning environments, we have found it useful to describe learning using a framework of three mutually constitutive elements based on these factors which represent the actions and activities of the different elements in the learning process: the learner, the teacher and the learning materials [Herrington & Oliver, 1996]. This framework of three elements provides a useful form for considering factors influencing instruction and learning in computer-based…show more content…
[Herrington & Oliver, 1996] The evolution of the World Wide Web, recent developments in interactive software, and the emergence of systems thinking provide a unique opportunity to create interactive, web-based simulations that address student learning. This topic explores current theory of mental model formation and its role in student understanding. It describes the potential of computer simulation to enhance student learning, defined as a change in a student’s mental model. As web-based simulations are newly emerging, further discussion is provided in hopes of exploring the opportunities. DISCUSSION OF CURRENT ISSUES Computer based learning, as it stands, has plenty of disadvantages, but many in business and educational arenas remain optimistic about its future. There are two indisputable truths about computer-based learning, or e-learning. First, it will revolutionize education and second, such a future is just around the block. Educational experts agree that most types of study are not yet effective when delivered purely online, mainly because of bandwidth limitations, expensive set-up costs, continued resistance to the medium and a shortage of quality course content. Despite these problems, e-learning has already established a strong foothold, albeit as an adjunct to traditional, instructor-led teaching. The main success in e-learning, is the improved standard of support that students receive. [Sydney
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