Computer-Based Maternity Database System

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TITLE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTER BASED MATERNITY DATABASE SYSTEM (CASE STUDY OF POLY CLINIC ASATA HOSPITAL, ENUGU) PRESENTED TO THE COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, HOSPITAL OF TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY (I.M.T) ENUGU BY Lucky Mba CS/N2004/097 IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF ORDINARY NATIONAL DIPLOMA (O.N.D.) AUGUST, 2004 APPROVAL PAGE We hereby certify that this project Design and Implementation of a Computer based maternity database system system. (case study of Poly Clinic Asata hospital , Enugu) WRITTEN BY ONYIA REGINA CHEKWUBE Has been dully supervised, certified and found worthy of acceptance in partial fulfillment for the award of Ordinary National Diploma…show more content…
This system is used to calculate the pregnant woman punctuate to check up and treatment. It is an effective tool in the hand of the hospital management. The aim of Antenatal and post natal care (ANC/PNC) is to assist women to remain healthy, finding and correcting adverse conditions when present, and thus aid the health of the unborn ANC should also provide support and guidance to the woman and her partner or family, to help them in their transition to parenthood. This implies that both health care and health education are required from health services. This broad definition of ANC is endorsed by national labour laws (4) and by evidence-based clinical guideline. Moreover, it introduces the needed holistic approach (biological care and concern with intellectual, emotional, social and cultural needs of women, babies and families) (2) during pregnancy. Care during pregnancy should enable a woman to make informed decisions, based on her needs, after discussing matters fully with the professionals involved. Any interventions offered in the Antenatal and post natal period should be of proven effectiveness and be acceptable to the recipients. Both the individual components and the full package of ANC should conform to these criteria. The aim of computer based pre natal information is to promote early intervention by the hospital and, when necessary. The approach aims to ensure that rapid and appropriate action is taken to
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