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I recently began to venture into computer gaming and in seeing the pros and cons of building your own system versus buying a prebuilt, decided that I was going to build my own computer. With no sound foundation in this new venture I decided that I was going to learn as much as I could about each component before making such a big investment and quite possibly, immediately breaking it. After looking at a few different pieces of equipment, I found myself looking at the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). One of the first articles I read was a gaming enthusiast that was explaining how people who purchased the top of the line GPU a few years ago for an outrageous price, were being outperformed by a newer GPU for a much lower price. This sparked my…show more content…
Both in cost of product, stock prices and even the supply as well. Over the last few years, computer enthusiast saw a dramatic shift in prices for GPUs. The biggest spike in price comes from cryptocurrency mining. At the height of the cryptocurrency mining craze, GPU cards were being sold for up to triple what they were being sold just weeks prior. A great example of this was the Asus ROG Strix RX 580 which before June of 2017, cost about around the $300 price tag. On June 6th, 2017 it hit its highest price and topped at an astonishing $849.99. This was because of the massive demand for graphics cards and this caused a shortage that has just recently started to relax as more graphics cards can be found on the market for more reasonable prices. The equilibrium was completely askew with the extreme demand with not enough supply. Now that cryptocurrencies have started to settle with not as many mass purchases, we see prices across the board coming down. With more and more interest in A.I, the GPU finds itself at the center of its progress. GPUs are taking over the process that CPU’s once held as the computation powerhouse for A.I as it is able to offer more cores to enable faster learning in certain areas of the A.I field. Since neither of these seem to be going away, making the logical leap that GPU’s will be around and will be constantly advancing with the surrounding technology, seems like a safe bet. As mentioned before, GPUs will not be going anywhere any time

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