Computer Class Assignment Analysis

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Pryor to undertaking this activity I did not understand the basic skills required in order to make computer use easier. In the past I completed computer task based off of head knowledge and at times I would find myself completing my assignments in long periods of time. Though technology has improved I have become comfortable with old technology and have not tried to explore current updates until now. When presented with the opportunity to update my computer I would often not take advantage of the opportunity. This assignment allowed me to have a hands on experience that assisted me in learning the basic use of a computer.
During the process of completing this assignment I learned numerous techniques that make computer use easier. One of which is how to take short cuts by using the control key (ctrl). By holding the control key and pressing an additional key I can make shortcuts to shorten time while completing a task. For example, a substitute for the standard printing method is by holding the control key while pressing the P key will activate the print menu and I will be able to print from the print window. Using this method is less time consuming in comparison to traditionally pressing
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I plan to use all the tools I learned and apply them to my academic career as well as my place of employment. It is pleasing to know a person can use different software to help guide there accomplishments and goals. I am excited to Use excel to keep track of my payment and calculating the amount of money I need to save or spend this week. With this information I have the opportunity to improve my organization. As a replacement for taking extra steps I can achieve more in a rapid and diligent fashion. In addition I am pleased with the new information I have learned and excited to absorb more ways to apply the computer to everyday
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