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Casio is a consumer electronics company renowned for their inventions and contributions to electronic engineering. While most people are familiar with Casio’s trendy G-Shock watches, digital cameras, and musical instruments it can be easy to overlook the company’s impressive track record. Featuring many of the world’s “First including an electronic dictionary, inkjet printer, personal calculator, and even the world’s first cellphone with a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera.” Casio Computer Co. LTD was first established in 1957 alongside the grand debut of its prototype compact calculator. Since then the company has evolved throughout the years as a corporation by expanding into subsidiary branches and competing at the cutting edge of trends.
Apple’s foray into the smartwatch market made huge splashes in 2015. It was highly praised for its intuitive features and its symbiotic affinity with iPhones. While the Apple watch may be strong and flexible in functionality it might have drawn inspiration from one of Casio’s early projects. Forbes cites Casio’s F-91W to be ahead of its time, withholding the bells and whistles of a smartwatch, the “F-91W boasted a 24 hour clock, day/date display, and alarms accompanied by digital chiming.” (Spence)
When it comes to manufacturing goods, Casio takes an interesting approach to making its products. The company’s creed is outlined by two distinct principles creativity and contribution. Many great inventions have spawned from the R&D department
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