Computer Computing Services Over Internet

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Chapter 1 Introduction Infrastructure as a service is a form virtual cloud computing that provides virtualized computing services over internet [1]. In model, a third party provider gives hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components on behalf of its users. Providers also host user’s applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning. Environments include the automation of administrative talks, dynamic scaling, desktop virtualization and policy based services. Leading service providers are amazon web services, windows azure, Google compute engine, Rackspace open cloud, and IBM smart cloud enterprise. 1.1 Background:…show more content…
However, for a large cloud, state space model tends to be too large. We develop a Monolithic or one level Markov chain model is representative of the state of the art in cloud stochastic modeling. The development of the state space as the model takes into account more details of system is known as largeness problem of Markov models [2]. Stochastic petri nets (SPNs) can be used to the largeness of problem, as it allows the automated generation of the Markov model. Yet, solution to the large models is an issue. 1.3 Statement of Problem: In cloud, when a request is processed, one or more Virtual Machine (VM) instances have been built to use a pre-built image. When the VM instances are deployed, they are provide with request specific CPU, RAM, and disk capacity. VMs are employed on physical machines (PMs) each of which may be shared by multiple VMs. To minimize overall VM provisioning delays and operational costs, we assume that the PMs are grouped into three pools; hot (running), warm (turned on, but not ready) and cold (turned off). Maintaining the PMs in three pools (in general, multiple tiered pools) helps to minimize power and cooling costs without incurring high startup delays for all VMs. A pre-instantiated VM can be readily provisioned and brought to ready state on a running PM (hot PM) with minimum provisioning delay. Instantiating a VM from an image and
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