Computer Concepts Exercises

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Chapter 1

010100 The Web is just another name for the Internet. (Answer: False)

010200 A computer’s operating system is a type of application software. (Answer: False)

010300 Microcontrollers are special purpose microprocessors that can be embedded in devices such as refrigerators, cars, and washing machines. (Answer: True)

010400 A bit is a binary digit, such as a 1 or 0. (Answer: True)

010500 ASCII, EBCDIC, and Unicode are used to represent character data. (Answer: True)

010600 A megabyte is 1024 bits. (Answer: False)

010700 Microprocessors are a type of integrated circuit. (Answer: True)

010800 C, COBOL, and Java are examples of programming languages. (Answer: True)

010900 A compiler converts source code to
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(Answer: False)

020300 PCs, Macs, and Linux are three computer platforms. (Answer: True) 020400 Today’s Macs can be configured to run Windows. (Answer: True) 020500 Pentium, Core, Atom, and Athlon are types of microprocessors. (Answer: True)

020600 Today’s computers typically process 8 bits at a time. (Answer: False) 020700 Serial processing is when a processor begins executing one instruction before it completes the previous instruction. (Answer: False)

020800 In RAM microscopic electronic parts called capacitors hold the bits that represent data. (Answer: True)

020900 ROM is a type of memory that holds the computer’s startup routine. (Answer: True)

021000 Hard disk drives, optical drives, and solid state drives are random access devices. (Answer: True)

021100 CD-RWs allow you to record data, but data cannot be changed once it is

recorded. (Answer: False)

021200 VGA, SVGA, and WUXGA are examples of screen resolutions. (Answer:


021300 A surge strip allows you to use your desktop computer during a power

outage. (Answer: False)

022100 In the interest of being ecological, many consumers consider upgrading

their computers instead of disposing of them and buying a new one. Which one of

the following upgrades is best left to professional technicians?

a. Replacing the
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