Computer Crime And Its Effect On Society

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Computer crime has been an issue since the 1970s. Computer crimes have been categorized in two ways. First is a physical activity in which criminals steal computers. Second is that in which criminals commit crimes using computers. The recent development of the Internet has created a substantial increase in criminals commit crimes using computers. Thus, an emerging area of criminal behavior is cyber crime. Computer crimes mostly affect to a lot of areas of the society. When we work with computers it is on us, to know about computer crime, how does it happen and how to prevent it. New technologies are often used by developed and developing countries to do their day to day transactions, both private and government sector often use the…show more content…
Phishing - Deceiving individuals to gain private or personal information about that person. There is an endless list of possible crimes that can occur through the use of the Internet. For example, the Internet can be a medium used for committing hate crimes, pornography, consumer fraud, stalking, terrorism, theft of security or trade secrets, software piracy, economic espionage, and financial institution fraud. The threat of computer crime is underlined by the fact that a security organization such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation was forced to temporarily take down its Internet site in 1991 after an attack by hackers. Companies have been equally vulnerable and have incurred millions of dollars in damage due to the effect of certain viruses. On other side knowledge of crime helps us to develop software to fight against computer crime. It does help us to develop anti-virus software which not only helps us to stay protected from computer crime but also help us to track the source of computer crime. Intelligence agencies are using this knowledge to avoid any threat to the nation and implementing this knowledge to develop new defense technique. There are two main methods that can be used to manage the growth of cyber-crime. The first is to ensure that the law is sufficiently strong to act as a deterrent to potential criminals. However, the law cannot prevent crimes taking place; it can only deal with what has already happened. The second is

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