Computer Crime Essay

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Running head: COMPUTER CRIME

Categories of Computer Crime
S.R Skolnick
Strayer University

In today's society computers are used to commit crimes. These crimes are separated into four categories. These categories are as follows, the computer as a target, the computer as an instrument of crime, the computer as incidental to a crime, and crimes associated with the prevalence of computers.
In example of the computer as a target, is a case of Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick was once known as the world's most wanted social engineering computer hacker. From the 1970s up to his arrest in 1995, Mitnick was able to elude them bypass corporate security safeguards. Mitnick was able to get into some of the well-guarded systems in the corporate
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These crimes will include but not limited to money laundering, criminal enterprise, child pornography, and will ring victims into compromising situations.
In this category crimes associated with the prevalence of computers, the crimes include intellectual property violations, component that, counterfeiting, identity theft, and a number of corporate offenses. In this category intellectual-property violations are described as piracy. Piracy includes the illegal downloading of music and movies. I believe the category of the computer as a target presents the greatest overall threat at this present time. The reasons for this is, computers as a target for instance computer hacking. Computer hacking enables people with this ability to access our nation’s defense system. With this being said, this becomes a national security issue. Secondly, computer as a target enables people what this ability, to commit identity theft. As we know identity theft is on the rise. Identity theft causes millions and millions of dollars to be stolen or used by cyber criminals. These crimes make it very difficult for the victims to get everything back to normal before their identities were stolen. In this day and age, computers and the Internet have made criminals into better criminals, while law enforcement, US government, and the court systems are back in the game playing catch-up. Law enforcement does not have

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