Computer Crime: Hacking

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For one thing the security development is falling behind the hackers’ knowledge how to bypass the latest security advancements. If the hackers’ are ahead of the newest security breaches then it does no good on helping the average person because they are at risk of having information stole from them at any point in time (Martin). If new security advancements don’t find a way to get back in front of the hackers’ knowledge then this worldly known problem will only continue to escalate throughout the next generations and the following making them have to work harder to solve the problems that we created for them and did nothing to fix it (Bellmore). Right now it is a major problem that needs to be resolved but it has to be acted upon very soon with determination or else it will just continue until the point where we lose control and hackers’ rule the world and nobody can stop them (O'Harrow). In order to unravel this difficult situation it is important that these current issues we are involved in are throw of the track of going on a express train the wrong direction to the dark side of the hackers’ we need help to bring it back to the light.

One of the issues that this brings up is legal since it is highly illegal to hack anything for any purpose. It doesn’t matter whether you are one person at his home or a whole company no one has ever heard about because it is top secret since they are top ranked…
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