Computer Crimes And Computer Crime

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Ever since computers and networks were invented there have been hackers and computer crimes have grown with the advancement of technology. As with the advancement of technology and computer crimes there have been many types of computer crimes that have evolved with technology. There have been laws in place to help reduce and regulate computers and computer crimes.
History of computer crimes
Computers and networks became increasingly known and used in the 1990s. Hackers back then were more interested in attaining information about different systems. Hacking became almost like a competition, hackers would compete to win the title of the best hacker. Hacking was not seen as a big problem, it was
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Theft is when someone violates copyrights and illegally downloads movies, games, software, and music. Cyber stalking is another form of computer crime. Cyber stalking is where someone is stalking someone online through online messaging, emails, and social networks. The cyber stalkers usually known their victims, but if they feel that internet stalking isn 't enough they begin stalking the person in real life. Another form of computer crime is identity theft. An identity thief steals information about a person 's bank account, credit cards, debit cards, and other private information to steal the persons money and buy things online or even sell the information to other criminals. Malicious software is another type of computer crime. Malicious software is internet based software or programs that are used to get into a system and steal sensitive information or they use it to cause damage to the system. The last type of computer crime is child pornography. Criminals try to make money off of minors by using chat rooms and websites for the purpose of producing child pornography.
Categories of computer crimes
There are many types of computer crimes some worse than others as we have types of computer crimes there are also categories of computer crimes. There are three categories for computer crimes and each category uses different methods in dealing with computer criminals. The three categories of computer crime is individual, property, and government. The
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