Computer Crimes And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Around 1989, the Internet was created and with its creation and new opportunities, new ranges of crimes also emerged: Computer crimes. Conveniently for criminals, there is no requirement for an offender to be at the scene of the crime physically, yet they achieve the same results. Due to the fact that computer crimes involve a certain knowledge of technology, it has become an attractive field for young people. Throughout the years after the invention of the internet, many criminal acts have been carried out by young offenders and law makers ought to quickly catch up in responding to new threats. Thus, while it is rather timely to adopt and create new laws that criminalise certain cyber activities, the criminal justice system in England and Wales developed various responses to young people who commit computer enabled and computer related crimes which, amongst others, include hacking.
Computer enabled crime has been defined by Interpol as a way for criminals to take a new turn on old, traditional crimes with the advantages of the internet and reach more victims (“Cybercrime”, n. d.). McGuire and Dowling reported in a UK Home Office Research that the two most common computer enabled crimes fall into fraud and theft, specifically in the financial sector (2013, p.4). Similarly, computer related crimes are
“considered as any illegal, unethical or unauthorised behaviour related to the automatic processing and the transmission of data” (Kaspersen, 1995).
Since theft has been
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