Computer Database System For Multiple Applications

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Now days, open source technologies are becoming famous in the global market including corporate and government sector. A number of domains in software industry are making use of open source products for multiple applications. NoSQL Databases, Big Data Analytics and web services are on the top and used in diverse applications.

NoSQL Databases are being used in the social media applications and big data processing based portals in which huge, heterogeneous and unstructured data formats are handled. NoSQL Databases are used for faster access of records from the big dataset at back-end. The AADHAAR Card implementation in India was done using NoSQL Databases as huge amount of information is associated including Text Data, Images, Thumb Impressions and Iris Detection. Any classical database system cannot handle the dataset of different types (Image, Text, Video, Audio, Video, Thumb Impressions for Pattern Recognition, Iris Sample) simultaneously.

Currently, a number of NoSQL Databases are used for different type of portals and these are specialized in handling heterogeneous and unstructured data.

In classical web based implementations, the RDBMS packages are deployed for the database applications including Apache Derby, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Notes, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase or any other. These are known as Traditional SQL Databases which are ACID Properties Compliant. NewSQL is the new generation database engine that…
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