Computer Drawing

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Chapter 1 1. Explain the difference between engineers and technologists. Engineers are problem solvers. They are creative to use technical means to solve problems. They design products, systems, devices, and structures to improve our living conditions. They work with engineers and are concerned with the practical aspects of engineering in planning and production. 2. How can visualizing help an engineer in the design process? Visualization can help an engineer to mentally picture things that do not exist. Besides, engineers with good visualization ability are able to picture things in their minds. Furthermore, good visualization skills allow them to control mental image, allowing them to move around the image, change the form,…show more content…
7. What is the designer’s notebook? How is it used? A designer’s notebook is similar to a diary and contains many notes and sketches that are organized to show the path of development for a product and process. A well documented notebook contains notes, calculations, signatures, and dates. Keeping good note can make an accurate document for an original design. 8. Outline the main activities in the refinement phase. Refinement is a repetitive (iterative or cyclical) process used to test a preliminary design. Refinement consists of three main areas: modeling, design analysis, and design visualization. 9. Describe the different kinds of models used in the design process. Modeling is the process of representing abstract ideas, words, and forms, through the orderly use of simplified text and images. Models are classified as either descriptive or predictive. Descriptive model presents abstract ideas, products, or processes in a recognize form. Descriptive models consisting 3-D CAD or physical scale models used simply to visually represent the design. Predictive models can be mathematical or virtual 3-D CAD models that can be used to analyze the motion or physical properties of the design. 10. Describe the different kinds of analysis techniques used in the design process. Types of analysis techniques used in
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