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Chapter 1 1. Explain the difference between engineers and technologists. Engineers are problem solvers. They are creative to use technical means to solve problems. They design products, systems, devices, and structures to improve our living conditions. They work with engineers and are concerned with the practical aspects of engineering in planning and production. 2. How can visualizing help an engineer in the design process? Visualization can help an engineer to mentally picture things that do not exist. Besides, engineers with good visualization ability are able to picture things in their minds. Furthermore, good visualization skills allow them to control mental image, allowing them to move around the image, change the form, look…show more content…
Standards are sets of rules (formal; ANSI or ISO) that govern how technical drawings are represented. 15. Describe two reverse engineering techniques. One of the reverse engineering techniques are the using of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that can measure objects accurately and then inputs the 3-D data into a CAD system and modified it. Another one is called scanning by using laser or specialized photographic equipment to make critical measurement from existing parts. 16. Describe two different rapid prototyping technologies. One of the rapid prototyping technologies are Stereolithography (SLA) which using a laser focused beam to harden a light-sensitive polymer. Another one is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) which using a molten plastic to deposit a series of very thin layers to build and create a part. 17. Explain why an enterprise might want to store data in an off-site data warehouse. Then reason of an enterprise want to store data in an off-site data warehouse is protect against fire or other castasthophies at the companies engineering center. 18. Describe two different VR display techniques. Two different VR display are the using of head-mounted display (HMD) that only for individual users and multiple projection systems called computer augementedd virtual environments (CAVEs) for multiple users in a larger physical

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