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LOVE,SEX AND LASTING RELATIONSHIP AN EXPOSITORY WRITING Presented to : MS.ROVI NOFEL C. ABLIN Faculty, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities College of Education and Social Sciences Mindanao State University at Naawan 903 Naawan, Misamis Orriental In Partial fulfillment Of the requirements for the course English 2 (Writing in Discipline) 2nd semester A.Y 2012-2013 By: JANINE DUAT MAGDALERA March 1,2013 Love and Infatuation "I love you" is a very common phrase used by youth to express their feelings to someone. It is often said by a boy to a girl because she is beautiful or similarly by a girl to a boy because he is handsome. However, their expression of words mostly doesn 't reflect their actual feelings…show more content…
He may become angry if the opposite person doesn’t fulfill his demand. Finally, they are different in the way they have affect on the relations between the couple. Pure love between two people can develop into long term commitment and relation goes until marriage. Marriage would be the happiest result in the life of the person fall in love. On other hand, infatuation doesn’t make one feel committed to other person and the person will never think to marry that other person. Other than that, the effect of time and separation in love relations also differs from infatuation. Relations in love become stronger with time whereas infatuation weakens the relationship with time. Although, separation in both emotions causes pain but infatuation may get weak and reduces the feelings over time. In my reflection regarding seminar he used the expository writing about love,sex and lasting relationships, We have been discussing hollywood’s formula for love,sex and lasting relationships and the phase we have naturally learned to go through as a part of dating and being in love.We’ve made the point that love,sex and lasting relationships are among the most passionate desires of people’s heart.We’ve also noted that most people are simply not experiencing love and sexual intimacy to the degree or to the extent that they desire.These are basically four steps,According to
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