Computer Engineering As A Computer Engineer

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Computer Systems Software Engineering
Computer Engineering is a field that is constantly growing and is a field that has kept my interest for as long as I can remember. There are three different types of Computer engineers but my focus is Systems Software Engineering. Most employers are looking for a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and some experience in the field. Computer Engineering, math, and physics go hand in hand. The vigorous coursework is one of the main reasons people choose not to pursue a degree in computer engineering, or any type of engineering for that matter. Computer engineers design, develop, test and implement computer-based hardware and software using certain tools and technology that make their jobs easier. Working as a computer engineer can allow you to achieve financial stability and independence, it is a career where the results of the work done can be physically seen and will offer multiple luxuries and many opportunites for advancement.
The decision to obtain a degree in Computer Engineering will be a very lucrative one. “Over the next decade, computer software engineering is expected to grow rapidly” ( The projected growth from 2012-2022 will be around 15% to 21%. This means that the employers will be actively looking for new employees that meet their business’s requirements. Around 134,700 jobs are expected to open in this field by 2022. When I obtain my degree I hope to get job offers close to my hometown, because I
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