Computer Engineering : Becoming A Computer Engineer

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Computer Engineering Computer engineering is a very extensive, challenging career. To become a computer engineer you need years of experience and college education. Many people think this career is easy and good paying, but is not that easy, excessive amount of knowledge is needed to become a top class engineer in this field, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible task. One must understand that computer engineering is a challenge since before one begins studying it. With that kept in mind an undergraduate must know their qualifications, training, job duties and drawbacks, salary, hours, work calendar and employment in order to become a Computer Engineer.

The qualifications of a computer engineering are broad. Computer engineering
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As mentioned before, continued study is necessary throughout the entire career as a Computer engineer. Courses can be taken since high school to have a good foundation and to be better prepared for future studies. As mentioned before some companies offer internship for high school students, which is the beginning of a life full of practice. Yeah this career is full of practice, the training is achieved in an associate and bachelor’s degree. The studies not only involve theory classes, but also the practical training of the basics, for example, programming, how to arm and disarm a computer, this last involves the hardware part. Of course time is needed to learn all the basics, one must not give up practicing, for practicing is the most important aspect during training. Always keeping in mind that no matter how long one has been a computer engineer to keep skills up to date practice is needed. A professional certification is not usually considered necessary, if one has the skills to work the certification would be an extra bonus, meaning more profits.

Some of the engineers have more than one job duty. taking for example the duty of a doctor, he has to measure body temperature, blood pressure, check the sugar levels in one`s blood, give the shots, etc... The computer engineer has many duties too and each one of it has its importance. Starting off with designing and supervising the production of computer hardware equipment, hardware is the skeleton
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