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114 Computer Maintenance 101 How to Keep Your Computer Fast and Reliable Here is another series of computer geeky information that may be useful for you and for the average user. Computers may seem so efficient and intelligent machines even though they are not. Computers are like knives, they eventually get dull after some time of use - evetually your computer will get slower than it was the first time you used it. The reason behind this is that the computer does not know how to maintain itself and relies on you to organize your files and applications. Everything else is set to default for your convinience. To be specific, for example, when you install an application, several registry changes are made to allow the application to work.…show more content…
The user just wouldn 't know when their visited pages will haunt them again. The easiest way to maintain your history and cache is to always use the cleanup option that comes with every web browser, and then double check it with a maintenance utility software. Lastly, if you have technical knowledge of maintaining your files, and knows how and where to find history and cache files, tripple check by deleting them yourself. ________________________________________ 115 How to Make Your Computer Last Longer Almost everyone now a days has a computer, or uses them on a regular basis. When you are using a computer so much, and accessing the Internet all the time, sometimes you can slow down your computer, sometimes even get it to the point where it crashes, or on the rare rare occasion it will need to get a new operating system. It really just depends on how well you take care of your computer while you have it. So there are many programs out there, either to buy, or to purchase on line, that promise that they can fix your computer, and make it run 10x as fast, just like it was when it was new again. However, those sites don 't do anything for you that you can 't do yourself, and it will save you money to do it yourself as well. First thing you want to do it get a spy ware blocker. There are programs that you can get, such as zone alarm, or Norton that might cost you a little bit, but they are extremely
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