Computer Engineering : Computer Science Department Essay

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Computer Science Department
Fall 2016
CSCI665 Software Engineering
Name: Nelson Christian

Software Engineering can be defined as set of rules or patterns to follow while working on different aspects of Software. These patterns may vary by person to person, but core concepts remain same.
Software involves stages like collecting requirement, designing, development, testing and maintenance and Software engineering is applied to all these stages to create high quality software.

Computer Engineering is more like a parent branch which involves both Hardware and Software concepts. Computer Engineering encompasses processing concepts, hardware performance, algorithms, hardware architecture, graphics, programming languages, machine learning etc.
On the other hand, Software Engineering can be considered as a part of Computer Engineering field where it takes into account concepts like Software Architecture, Software design, Software scalability, Software testing etc.

A process framework has five activities, namely, Communication, planning, modeling, construction and deployment. These five activities focus on small tasks to be performed that ensures timely delivery and proper management of the project.
It is again a set of rules, mostly focusing on dividing the bigger tasks into smaller modules and construct quality product.
Also, software development is a team project, so it is essential that all the engineers working on the project are following
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