Computer Engineering

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Careers In Computer Engineering Careers In Computer Engineering While financial analysts, government officials, and employment specialists frequently disagree on conditions existing in the American economy today, everyone concurs with the idea that a college graduates possessing a degree in the field of computer engineering is in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose among job offers with several major computer companies and other Fortune 500 employers. Over the last five years, demand for computer engineers has grown due to the rapid growth and advances in the computer industry. Computers are everywhere, and they are utilized to perform a variety of functions. In industry, computer-aided drafting programs are…show more content…
Intel is seeking over one thousand integrated circuit designers, electrical engineers, hardware design/product engineers, as well as software development engineers and client support specialists (Schmidt 32). Intel's head of the college recruiting program states that it has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry (Schmidt 32). Intel has established a college intern program which provides a stimulating environment as well as supplying Intel with a source of future employees (Schmidt 32). Other well-known companies who produce computer components and software include Hewlett Packard, which will hire approximately one thousand five hundred entry-level people in 1998 for a variety of hardware and software engineering positions; AT&T, who is seeking approximately five hundred new employees including one hundred fifty programmers for software, communications, and microelectronics development; and Apple Computers, with more than two hundred jobs available (Schmidt 32). According to the United States Department of Labor, the technology work force which includes software engineers and computer consultants is growing at approximately twelve percent annually (Fernandes 16). However, a three-year study conducted by a California recruiting company, Advanced Technology Staffing, found that
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