Computer Evolution

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Computers date back all the way to 300B.C. with the invention of the abacus. This was a calculating devise to do math and it made the people of that time lives a lot easier. That is what the computers of today do but so much more. I will start at the basics of computers while trying not to boar you. The first real computer that actually made calculations was the ENIAC that was made by the government in 1943. It costed $500,000, weighed over 30 tons, had 19,000 vacuum tubes, and consumed almost 200 kilowatts of electricity (computer chronicles 8). Now we have advanced to laptops that are one inch thick and 15 inches wide and can do a lot more than the ENIAC could. There have been thousands of advancements and new technology in computers in…show more content…
Netscape announces that it will make its source code available to anyone, which puts up a little fight for the top against Microsoft Internet Explorer.
1999 stock of Yahoo and Skytel search engines skyrocket! The race for faster processors is still on but the fastest for this year was Intel Pentium III at 850mhz.
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In 2000 there was another new set of Microsoft this time it was Windows 2000 edition. This was a Y2K compadable program and the big scare was off that all computers were going to crash because they thought they were to old. Also in 2000 they came up with the fastest processor yet. Intel Pentium 4 with 1.4ghz that is 1400mgz. Now they can’t go any faster without a new motherboard that can handle the speed and they haven’t made one yet that can handle anything over that speed. So for now that is the fastest computer you can buy.
Well that was all the technological advancements. Now there is new software and hardware. Such as messenger service that you can make your own chat room on with only the people that you want on it and talk to them for free as long as they are online. You can watch DVD’s your computer. Download music off of Napster and make your own CD’s of whatever you want. Play Chess or video games with people around the world. In this day in age you would be behind in life if you didn’t have a
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