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Computer Basics Equipment (Hardware) COMPUTER | A machine that processes information and performs computations. | Tower or
Desktop | The "box" or case that holds the parts that make up a computer: CPU, hard disk drive, floppy drive, memory chips, power supply, interface cards, etc. Click here to learn more. | | CPU | Central Processing Unit, or "brains" of the computer | Monitor | An output display device (looks similar to a TV) in a computer system. You see information on the monitor's screen. | | Screen | The viewing area on a monitor or the information or image displayed. | | | | Disk Drive | A device that reads data from (input)
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The printer on the left is an INK JET PRINTER, and the other is a LASER PRINTER. | . | . | Hub | | | -------------------------------------------------
Hubs are devices that have many ports into which network cables are plugged. A hub takes the signal from each computer and sends it to all of the other computers through the network. Hubs come in different sizes and colors. The hub must be plugged in and turned on for the network to work - be sure you see green lights | Modem | A device that allows computers to communicate with each other over telephone lines (Internet). At school we do not use modems, we have a direct connection to the Internet called a T-1 line. | Keyboard | Input device - choose letters, symbols, and actions by pressing keys

| Key | Any of the buttons on a keyboard that the user presses to input data (information) or to type commands | Escape | Usually pressed while you are working in a software application to stop the current activity, back out of a menu (or screen), or return to a previous screen. | Enter | Used to move the cursor to the beginning of a new line. It may also be called the return key. In some applications, pressing Enter tells the computer to stop waiting for more input and begin processing. Notice the arrow symbol on the Enter key; it is sometimes used in instructions and means to press the enter key. | Backspace | Moves the

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