Computer Forensics Investigation: Case Project

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Computer Forensics Investigation Case Project 14-2 Computer forensics is the practice of accessing sensitive data from technology to utilize within private and criminal investigations. Experienced computer forensics workers work with police to verify and validate evidence for court cases. This part of the investigation must always be done with care and in a precise and professional manner as the evidence must be admissible and useful in the court of law. In this scenario I would follow the below procedures for the investigation and compilation of information. First, I would request a copy of the full police report in its current form. This report is vital to letting me know the necessary technology from which data must be extracted as well as the likely places to find the data. From that report I would request any technology such as computers, blackberries, and other devices that are mentioned in the police report. I would also inquire as to specific addresses and call numbers that the police used in their investigation. This will save time in the overall analysis and allow the report to be made more efficiently. Second, I would verify that the police department has proper warrants and documentation for the information extraction and investigation confirmation. The reason for this is because any information must be obtained with a proper warrant in order to be valid in court. If there was not a valid warrant, then I would require that the police obtain the warrant
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