Computer Forensics Mission : A Private Company

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computer forensics mission. As a private company, the laws to which XYZ Inc. are subject differ from the laws governing law enforcement agencies. However, as XYZ Inc. may turn over some forensic investigations to law enforcement as criminal cases, the laboratory must adhere to some laws governing the handling of evidence. Consent and Privacy All evidence examined by this laboratory must be legally obtained with respect to governing privacy laws. In most cases, evidence must be obtained with the consent of the owner. This consent may be obtained by XYZ Inc. or its clients through company policy such as consent to use warning banners. Authority to collect evidence must be clearly established by the policy of the organization requesting the…show more content…
Personnel costs can be directly linked to the experience level, skill sets required, geographic location, and expected level of professional certification or qualification of the individual team members based on the XYZ Inc. required roles. XYZ Inc. will have a lab with a minimum of three personnel, one manager level and two analyst level personnel with the proper background and certifications. The team provided position descriptions with the expected experience level of the personnel to be employed, in parentheses, and estimated man-years per employee. The team based the estimates on expected total annual man-hours in support of digital forensic lab related functions as defined by job skills and labor categories. Position Descriptions: Lab Manager (Subject Matter Expert) (1) The Lab Manager establishes formal policies and processes for case management, maintains fiscal responsibilities for the lab and team needs, supports consensus decision making and enforces ethical standards and is also responsible for procuring and maintaining the digital forensic tools (hardware and software) (Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart, 2014). The lab manager is also responsible to the corporate leadership for all digital forensic activities, processes, and procedures. Among the processes established and updated regularly that fall within the lab managers’ area of responsibility are the quality assurance process, evidence logging and handling procedures, lab personnel physical space
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