Computer Forensics Tools And Resources For Hjc Corporation

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Computer Forensic Tools Michael J. Hudgins Strayer University Professor Jessica Chisholm SEC405 Computer Crime Investigation March 3, 2016 Computer Forensic Tools We are now in the process of purchasing computer forensics tools and resources for HJC Corporation. There are many programs, utilities, etc. available on the market that provide computer forensic data retrieval capabilities, however, we are only required to provide information on just two of these tools in our research. The purpose of computer forensics, as it is related to digital data, is to perform computer crime related investigations to discover who committed the crime and provide investigators, police and prosecutors with evidence that will be admissible in a court of law. Recovering Deleted File Programs - Utilities The first program for evaluation is EnCase. EnCase 's advanced analysis functionality enables it to recover deleted files and disk partitions by utilizing its log parser functionality on event logs and on unallocated hard drive disk space. EnCase Forensic (July 21, 2005) SC Magazine Reviews EnCase Forensic Retrieved from Other new features include much better support for decoding web caches from many different web browsers, reading common mailbox formats and acquiring data from live Linux systems. EnCase already supported the broadest set of file systems in the industry, but now it can read TiVos too and, more practically,

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