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Chapter 5 Normalization of Database Tables Discussion Focus Why are some table structures considered to be bad and others good and how do you recognize the difference between good and bad structures? From an information management point of view, possibly the most vexing and destructive problems are created through uncontrolled data redundancies. Such redundancies produce update and delete anomalies that create data integrity problems. The loss of data integrity can destroy the usefulness of the data within the database. (If necessary, review Chapter 1, Section 1.4.4, “Data Redundancy”, to make sure that your students understand the terminology and that they appreciate the dangers of data redundancy.) Table structures are…show more content…
Unfortunately, normalization is only a part of the “good design to implementation” process. For example, normalization | |does not detect the presence of synonyms. | | | |Remind your students that normalization takes place in tandem with data modeling. The proper procedure is to follow these steps: | |Create a detailed description of operations. | |Derive all the appropriate business rules from the description of operations. | |Model the data with the help of a good tool such as Visio’s Crow’s Foot option to produce an initial ERD. This ERD is the initial database blueprint.| |Use the normalization procedures to remove data redundancies. This process may produce additional entities. | |Revise the ERD created in step
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