Computer Games : The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Video games are fun, very fun to the point that you don’t want to stop at all. Many parents debate over the topic of video games, weather they are bad for you or is just a pure time waster in life. But I have some facts to show you that your parents or anyone in general should not overuse their time in video games. Video games do a negative effect to people because of it being really addicting, can cause your mental health to change, and to persuade yourself into really dangerous habits. To top it all off, drugs are addicting, Right? For the most part, the answer is yes, same going for games. Many video games are built for people to be constantly on it. One good example would be clash of clash for where as they enable in-game items that…show more content…
If we go back to the story of Dennis, he was quote on quote “homeschooled” which is impossible since every time I see him, he’s always on his Xbox. Two years pass by, and my parents planned another hangout with his parents. He didn’t change at all, in fact, it has gotten worse. He has gotten this habits of playing the same game every day, and it’s been happening for months now. I haven’t seen him in a while, his body was in a really bad shape last time I saw him. Could he be dead? Probably not, but that shows the habits’ people put themselves to gain “enjoyment” from video games to which the point your body starts rotting from the inside out. Another example of a bad habits which you might know would be the columbine shooters, Eric and Dylan. Biased on their computers hard drive, they both had made custom game maps resembling the exact replica of their school on a run and gun game called DOOM. This has caused many controversies making points that video games have caused these two teens to cause such a violent outrage towards others using their outside source as shooting enemies in world based on your school. That’s pretty scary considering the fact that it was only 20 years ago; could you imagine the things there are people are using for their angry gateways now? I hope this has changed your views a bit on video games being bad for you. All in all, it's not bad to play video games, but it’s better to take breaks in between and do something much more
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