Computer Games : Video Games

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Hesham Dallin Lewis ENGL 101 18 23 February 2015 Computer Games Personal computer games also known as the computer games demonstrate the video games which are played on a personal computer rather than an arcade machine or a video game console. The most defining features of these games include a higher degree of user control of the gaming software and hardware, absence of central controlling ability. Another most defining characteristic of the games is the increased capacity for input to the pc, processing and consequently the output. The people playing the computer games are able to interact with objects that are displayed on the computer screen for the purpose of entertainment. The computer games have been classified into different typologies such as skill and action games, role and strategy games, hybrid play among others. There are recent studies about that computer games do not encourage full brain growth and development in children and even translate to some of these children been completely antisocial. However, some people see great potential for educating the players within the field of games and a serious gaming community has sprung up within the years. The game developers have been able to architect experiences and design learner environments. There are arguments that the kids who engage in playing the computer games for longer hours on end are at risk of stunted brain growth. The children who play these computer games round the clock are also related with high
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