Computer Generated Imagery And Its Effects

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Computer-generated imagery was being developed during the 1980s and it soon started being used in films for effects. Rickitt (2006) explains that effects during the 80s were not just there to solve problems and producing impossible shots like their initial purpose but used as a marketing tool for films to promote themselves based on the quality of the image and amount of visual effects involved. Star Wars was the first film to make use of this marketing tool and made people grow more interest on the film itself as well as the effects and of course, this brought more income to the studios. This trend of using effects to promote films was immediately picked up and abused, but it did not last long. Tron (1982) was the first film based almost entirely on computer-generated scenery and massively advertised for them. However it ended up failing at the box office even though it had superb computer generated effects at the time of its release. Rickitt described that the failure of Tron could have been what made visual effects take longer to develop and being incorporated in films. This was the first sign that a film heavily equipped with effects does not mean that it would make a hit. Narrative is an important element of a film and effects cannot compensate for a bad narrative (McClean, 2007).

After a decade of slow development, computer-generated imagery made its appearance once more in Jurassic Park (1993) and changed the opinions directors and studios regarding visual effects.
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