Computer Hacking Is The Scale Of The Problem Essay

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Computer hacking has been becoming more and more of a threat in recent years and is being brought to the public eye more often. Large and small corporations alike, as well as individuals are at risk of losing personal information to hackers, opening up doors to cyber-attacks and theft. Statistics show that half of American adults have been hacked this year alone (Pagliery). Security experts and law enforcement say that hackers are actively scanning merchants’ networks for ways to gain remote access to their systems. The Department of homeland Security and Secret service recently, estimated that more than 1,000 businesses in the United States had been infected with malware programmed to siphon payment card details from cash registers. It is believed that many of these companies had no idea they were breached and sharing the information of thousands of customer’s credit card information. A main reason for concern with cybercrime is the scale of the problem. If it were a series of on-off events people might be less concerned with it however, it is an ongoing problem.
Just a few days ago for example, hackers broke into the debit and credit card payment networks of two of the nation’s most popular food chains: Albertson’s and SuperValu. Impacted by this breach are all of the stores related to these chains including: Acme, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, and Star Markets, as well as Cub Foods, Hornbacher’s, Shop ‘N Save, and Shoppers Food and Pharmacy (Pagliery). As of now it is unclear how

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