Computer Hardware Developments That Affect The Business Use Of Computers

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Question Four What are several important computer hardware developments that you expect to happen in the next 10 years? How will these affect the business use of computers? Hardware is any type of computer system that contains circuit boards, ICs, along with other electronics. Hardware is categorized in two ways: external hardware and internal hardware. External hardware is the devices such as the keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, and thumb drives. Internal hardware consists of items like the motherboard, RAM, modem, drive, network card, and sound/video card. Technology is rapidly developing, and many organizations are in the process of developing new hardware that again will transform the technology world. External Hardware Will the next 10 years be the end of computer keyboards? Organizations are continuing to research and implement speech recognition and gesture control to enhance the technological experience (McDonald, 2015). One prototype created by AirType is a keyboard-less keyboard, known as Noki. Noki is a device that is worn on the hands which tracks the movements of fingers while typing. The device allows the consumer to type on any surface or no surface at all. The device’s sensors begin to learn and understand how the consumer types (McDonald, 2015). One of the downfalls to this product is that the consumer must be a very good typist to ensure the device works properly. The Noki would enable employees to type anywhere at any time. Instead of

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