Computer Hardware Engineering

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Computer Hardware Engineering Computer hardware engineers research, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, and many more (Bureau of Labor Statistics). They design new computer hardware, create blueprints of computer equipment to be built. Test the completed models of the computer hardware that they design. Update existing equipment so that it will work will new software. Oversee the manufacturing process for the computer hardware. Maintain knowledge of computer engineering trends and new technology(Bureau of Labor Statistics). In order to be a computer hardware engineer, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. The full-time 9 month tuition fee …show more content…
Nvidia is a company that build the leading computer components and processors for mobile devices. Nvidia has intern & co-op programs that help you gain experience, you just need to submit a resume, and attend a Nvidia information session or visit them at a career fair (NVIDIA). When I am in college I am going to apply for an internship at Nvidia to get some experience for what I am going to do for a living. After that, I can put that I worked as an intern for Nvidia on my resume for a full-time job. Some students participate in internships while in school to gain some practical experience (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Most employers prefer to hire computer engineers with at least 2 years of experience (Bureau of Labor Statistics). I am hoping to be an intern for Nvidia and work there for at least 2 years while in college. If not, I might look into working for AMD as an intern. There are some subjects to study in high school for engineers like: physics, chemistry, computer science, geometry, algebra II, calculus, English; if available, electronics (Science Buddies). I have already completed or am taking most of these subjects already. I just need to take physics and calculus soon. Most computer hardware engineers work full time. They work about 40 hours per week (Science Buddies). They only work on weekdays, so that means I will have some
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