Computer Hardware Engineering : The Advancement Of Technology

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Computer Hardware Engineering The advancement in technology has made an evolution in the world today. Everything people use now is because of the advancement of technology. The social media used now and all of the jobs are based around today’s technology. Technology has changed the work industry in everything from textile making, to computer chips. The machines and all of the tools used we designed and made with technology. Computer engineers are working every day to make technology better. Computer engineers work with lots of electrical components, require very little schooling, and make a very decent amount of money. Computer engineers do a majority of their work with electrical components such as computers and other similar devices.…show more content…
Software engineers may be tasked with considering alternatives to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality needed to manufacture a reliable product such as computer parts that may be too expensive for the price range of the product (Institute for Career Research).They also get the chance to test the completed models of products such as applications for devices or devices themselves, either through computer simulations or in a lab (Institute for Career Research).Computer engineers are also tasked with work that may not require working on components. They may have to write detailed specifications that document the technical aspects of new hardware (Institute for Career research). Some modify hardware designs to clear up issues (Institute for Career Research). They may also elect or recommend the materials that will be used to construct a particular device or component (Institute for Career Research). They also work with other staff to validate existing computer equipment and determine any changes required for current equipment Computer engineers may be given unconventional tasks based on where the work also (Institute for Career Research).They may have to create anything from cameras to games (Donnelly). With all of these fun objectives of computer engineering there is only one downside to being one. They
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