Essay on Computer Hardware and Software

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Identify hardware and software needed to secure your choice of networks against all electronic threats.
Networking hardware is hardware that is used to help work stations connect to a server. Although there are many different kinds of hardware like bridges, network cards the networking hardware that I have chosen to use in within my company’s network are routers, firewalls and switches. Using both routers and firewalls will help protect not only wireless networks but also those networks that use Ethernet cabling. I chose this hardware because I felt that it’s the best hardware to use when keeping my company’s network safe. The software that I have chosen to use is McAfee Anti-virus security software. This software along with the
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LAN’s are very useful when it comes to sharing printers and exchanging/sharing files between all the systems within the facility that share that one network. LAN’s can turn into WAN when they are connected to the internet and also other LAN networks. Local Area Networks are connected using the Ethernet cables, adapters, and hubs. WAN’s are known as Wide Area Networks. Wide Area Networks are different from LAN’s. In a LAN network connections are being made within that local area in which all systems share that same network. The internet is considered to be a Wide Area Network. It’s considered to be a WAN because it links to computers outside a local Area Network but all over the world. “The world's most popular WAN is the Internet. Whoever uses a pc that has internet connection has access to the WAN or its network and websites displayed over the network. WANs cover a much larger area such as states and other countries. They also connect to smaller networks such as LAN’s and MAN’s or known as metro area networks. WAN’s also come with a heftier price tag than LAN networks and often uses leased lines. Then you have the WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network which is the LAN connection without the use of cables or wires. This is what makes the LAN connection wireless. The WLAN have a low cost installation, mobility, and support for temporary arrangements. The key to WLAN
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