Computer Industry and Dell Inc. Analysis

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Computer Hardware Industry and Dell, Inc. Analysis Abstract This research is made to analyze computer hardware industry and focus on Dell Inc. First part will be analyzed overall industry and competitive analysis by answering 7 key questions. The second part will be evaluated company resources and competitive capabilities by answering 5 key questions. This research can help manager to understand more about computer hardware industry and learn how Dell deal with their competitors. Computer is the aid that created to help people in doing their task. A computer is a type of machine that can process the data according to a list of commands. The word of computer itself was recorded in 1613. It was being…show more content…
Second, What is competition like and how strong are each of the competitive forces? The Five-Forces Model of Competition from Michael Porter is used to analyze nature and intensity of competitive forces. Some of the five competitive forces are the rivalry among competing sellers in the industry, the potential entry of new competitors, suppliers and buyers bargaining power. Third, What are the drivers of change in the industry and what impact will they have? Changes in the industry and competitive conditions that make competitors, customers, and suppliers change their actions is caused by the driving forces. Some of the example of the changes are the technology changes, product and market innovation, entry or exist of major firms, the long-term industry growth rate, production costs and societal concerns and lifestyles. Forth, Which companies are in the strongest/weakest positions? In order to see the standing point of each competitor companies managers can use strategic group maps to assess the data. Fifth, What strategies moves are rivals likely to make next? To be successful company, they need understand their competitors’ strategies, evaluate who are going to be the industry’s major players, predict their rivals’ next move, watch their actions and observe their strengths and weaknesses. Sixth, What are the key factors for competitive success? These factors are the core ability of the company. For examples are

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