Computer Information And The Byu Idaho Catalog

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Computer Information and Networking is a large and growing field that provides those with the appropriate skills and education a wide range of possible job opportunities. The BYU Idaho catalog has the following to say about careers in Computer Information Technologies: Careers in CIT are dynamic. New challenges and opportunities await you every day. Working in a team, you will interact cooperatively with the management, customers, clients, and other information technology professionals to determine what the solution needs to do, what it needs to look like, and how it should work. One day, you may be meeting with customers and clients, the next designing software, and the next designing a database. The next day you may be involved in designing a complex network to allow your organization to communicate more effectively using the web, mobile devices, and computers. The next day you may be setting up a clustered set of web servers. CIT is a very interactive and interesting career in which to work. (Brigham Young University - Idaho) The focus of this paper is to delve into possible career opportunities that might be available with the skills and education that I am gaining at BYUI and especially from my CIT 240 networking class. The current curriculum of courses I am taking at BYU-Idaho are required as part of 2 certificate programs in computer information technology (CIT programming emphasis and CIT web emphasis). Knowing this fact one would think that I am preparing for an

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