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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MATERIALS MANAGEMENT JUN-2010 Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management Graduate Diploma in Materials Management PAPER 4 IT and E-COMMERCE Date:15.06.2010 Time:2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Instructions: 1. From Part “A” answer all the questions (compulsory). Each sub-question carries 1 mark. Total marks = 32. 2. From Part “B” answer any three questions out of 5 questions. Each subquestion carries 16 marks. Total marks = 48 . 3. Part “C” is a case study (compulsory) Total marks = 20. Max Marks:100 Duration:3Hrs ______________________________________________________________________________ Part A 1. Expand the following. EDVAC MICR DTP HTTP B2B UVEPROM RAM SIMM 2. State true or false. 1) One nanosecond is one billionth…show more content…
An example of the type of service demands that Exodus encounters occurred when the Webmasters of the, the website of Rolling Stone magazine, had difficulty trying to solve a slow response time problem just a day before the publication of a multimedia cover story on Britney Spears. This would obviously cause a spike in demand that would exacerbate the response time problem. Since Exodus was hosting and maintaining the site, its engineers helped in solving the problem, which involved incorrect configurations data that caused server to use 10 to 15 seconds to refresh domain name data every few minutes instead of daily. Approximately 400 of its customers( 12% of its customer base of 3300 companies) are application service providers (ASPs) that run application software for other firms using remote servers linked to a WAN so that those firs no longer have to install and maintain the software. Exodus charges for service based on usage, and this fits well with an ASP charging scheme. Its ASP customers range from start-ups to established software firms such as PeopleSoft and Oracle’s Business Online. According to Ellen Hancock, “it’s very hard to say what you’re not doing, but we’ve spent a lot of time trying to do that. We say we’re not going to know applications. We’re not in that business. We just support the ASP……. We have no notion of competing with Oracle on E-commerce. We do not intend to ever understand HR (human resources) apps.
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