Computer Information Systems And Nursing Practice

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Computer Information Systems and Their Application to Everyday Nursing Practice
The use of information technologies (IT) in the health care setting has become pervasive in many countries, and governments around the globe resume to finance in the implementation of IT systems. These clinical systems include a variety of functions, comprising medication administration, order entry, radiological/laboratory results viewing, clinical documentation, and decision-making ability. Introduction of IT in a hospital influences the management of the organization, health care delivery, and patient outcomes while proposing likely advantages in better patient safety, decreased hospital costs, and enhanced efficacy of medical care. Computers have facilitated nurses and physicians maintain track of several things, and additionally support to validate new roles for nursing in the health care setting. This basically means that the role of a nurse is improved through duties on the computer along with their clinical duties. So, computers are simplifying the nursing process, and a job that used to be strictly hands on is now splitting out to the technological.
• Hospital Administration: They use computer for the management of a hospital. They automate the accounting, payroll and supply order of the hospital, and also sustain the record of different medicines, their supply and use in different units etc.
• Recording Medical History: Computer can be used to store the patients’ health records. They…
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