Essay about Computer Information Systems Brief

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Computer Information Systems Brief


April 12, 2010

Brad Thompson

Kudler Fine Foods: Computer Information System Brief

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food company operating in La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar California. The owner has plans to extend its services to additional markets. The Kudler Company offers the highest quality products to its customers in gourmet foods and fine wines. In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of Kudler’s computer system and technology use improvements are necessary. Furthermore, there is also a need for improved accounting practices. In order for the company to continue to thrive, consideration of growth opportunities will also be analyzed. In addition, the threats that
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81). Furthermore, functions are available for various types of sales reports to be created with the current system. However, the current system does not meet the needs of the business as the computer system is outdated. Furthermore, the founder of the company, Kathy Kudler, is having great difficulty with monitoring the needs of the three stores and the situation will soon become overwhelming with further expansion. Ms. Kudler needs a computer system that will accommodate her current and future needs for her growing gourmet food business. Currently, each of locations operates with a stand-alone POS system. Ms. Kudler must travel between stores to ensure the managers are meeting her high standards and creates a substantial loss in productivity. The lack of remote access also presents an issue for the future expansion plans for the business. With no way to access accounting, inventory, and sales information, successful expansion will not be possible. Ms. Kudler’s presence is a daily requirement at each location to manage the operations, inventory, sales, etc. and without updated computer technology the company cannot see any further growth. Not only is the company facing limited expansion possibilities, but current
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