Computer Is A Machine That Runs With User Interface

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Chhewang, Man, Apil
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Computer is a machine that runs with user interface to compute a given task. Computers are built up of hardware and software components that are used to operate the computer. The main components of computer work hand in hand thus, making the computer to perform and execute tasks. The required hardware components of computer are:
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Hard Drive
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Graphics Processor Unit (GPU)
And, the required software components of computer are:
The Operating System
The history of computer dates back to 1800s when Charles Babbage, the father of computer invented computer system. When computers first started, one had to know very complicated guidelines to get the desired results. Today, Computers are used almost everywhere in any kind of firm. From schools to businesses, use of computer has grown exponentially. There are several designs and versions of computer available in the store today. Laptop and Desktop are two popular types of computers which runs on same mechanisms but has differences. Both type of computers performs similar functions, but the difference is generally that the desktop computers have more strong materials, build, and more computing power. The argument about desktops and laptops are generally made about comfortability and portability thus making the laptop in favor of the users who prefer portability of computers. However, there are many…

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