Computer Is The Security And Reliability

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1. Introduction: A computer is an assembled unit of hardware involving in kilos of hardware components interconnected resulting in a closed circuit where a layer of software so-called operating system runs the whole hardware in accordance with the user commands. The OS is the piece of software which allocates the hardware resources to the processes depending on their priority and usage. It thus protects the hardware components from being used by unwanted processes and safeguarding them in real-time. One of the crucial aspect that highlights when dragging a discussion about hardware resources is the Database. A database can be simply defined as the information storing space of the computing device where the user data resides. The data can be of any kind like media files, documents, and software applications or even the Operating systems itself are accommodated in the database. This database can be remotely attached to the computing centers using secured communication channels. The major challenge one could find in remote databases is the security and reliability. The user information should be made available for the user all the time in accordance to their preference and it has to be monitored and a standard firewall system should be built to avoid the intrusions. Functionalities of Database Management Systems: A Database Management Systems primarily deal with the retrieval and storage of user data by passing queries with a query language. This query language basically
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